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Pregnancy Care at Dunrobin Family Chiropractic

Having experienced five very different births, Dr. Graham can share with you why chiropractic care can make all the difference for a more comfortable pregnancy and faster, easier birth!

In order for a baby to navigate their way into the world with the least amount of medical interference, we must ensure that the mother’s pelvis will in fact allow the baby to move down into the ideal birthing position. If a mother’s pelvis is sitting out of alignment, then it will be difficult for her baby, during the third trimester (when they are sizeable residents!), to turn and make their way into what is considered the most straightforward position to be born.

What do I mean by straightforward position? We want our baby to have:

Chiropractic care can help your delivery go more smoothly

  • their head down
  • their bum up
  • their back or spine against the mother’s belly button
  • both arms tucked down and against their body
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY, their chin tucked under

By assessing the alignment of her pelvis, a chiropractor can make certain that the baby has the opportunity to move into the ideal birthing position. A chiropractor will also check the mother’s nervous system, ensuring that the communication channels that govern uterine function are open and clear. This too promotes a more straightforward labour.

Women who discover that their baby is in a breech or transverse position can use chiropractic techniques (The Webster Technique) to assist with releasing the intra-uterine constraint, whereby the baby is forced to hold an awkward position in the pelvis. Breech and transverse positions may occur due to a number of reasons, and chiropractors work to re-balance pelvic muscles, ligaments and joint alignment, encouraging babies to move down into the birth canal.

More and more pregnant women are seeking chiropractic adjustments throughout their pregnancy in order to strengthen their health and help their bodies prepare for labour and any challenges that may arise, post birth. Post-partum chiropractic care helps in the recovery process from birth which is very traumatic on mom’s pelvic bones and muscles.

Sometimes newborn babies experience breathing difficulties, neurological defects, irritability, colic, difficulty with feeding or attachment and sleeping problems. At the core of these issues may be an interruption to the infant’s nerve messages (their communication channels) as a result of:

  • the baby’s position during pregnancy within the uterus
  • the baby’s birth presentation (e.g. posterior, breech or with their head tilted backwards)
  • birth trauma for the newborn due to assisted deliveries, including vacuum extraction, forceps and caesarean, as well as natural vaginal deliveries.

Chiropractors are highly skilled health professionals trained to care for the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic offers a distinct, drug-free approach to health that promotes natural function and potential and chiropractors are always delighted to work with mothers and babies. All children deserve a healthy start to life!

If you would like to learn more or schedule a consultation, call our Dunrobin chiropractic office today.