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Your Second Visit to Our Dunrobin Practice

Your Doctor’s Report

Dr. Graham will go over your x-rays with you at your second visit.

Your Doctor will go over your x-rays with you at your second visit.

Your second visit is very important! We will give a detailed overview of how reconstructive or structural chiropractic works. This initial part may take place in a small group setting. You will then sit down with either Dr. Graham or Dr. Lino privately and they will show you your X-rays, go through detailed recommendations for a plan of care suitable for your specific needs as well as the financial investment required. At that point you will decide how you would like to proceed and you’ll receive your first adjustment at the end of your report.

For many, the moments leading up to the first adjustment are scary but almost invariably everyone walks away with a feeling of relief…relieved that the adjustment was “no big deal” and relieved that their health is on the mend.

It is highly recommended that your spouse be present for your Doctor’s Report. This will help those closest to you fully understand your health condition and care regimen. The result is a stronger support system and accelerated healing time.

You can also learn more about your regular visits to Dunrobin Family Chiropractic on our website as well.

Call our Dunrobin chiropractic office today to schedule an appointment and enter the world of “stop surviving and start thriving.”